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Entrepreneur, Coach, Investor and Catalyst for Business Growth

Pascal St-Jean is an entrepreneur, investor and leadership coach with over a decade of experience helping C-level clients drive sustainable business success.

Empowering Clients with Business Strategies

Pascal’s unique approach to facilitating business growth distinguishes him as a sought-after advisor at the board room table. Through constructive counsel, insightful strategies and effective implementation support, he develops approaches designed to help business leaders and their executive teams systematically achieve bottom-line results.

Leveraging Business Systems for Manageability and Scalability

Beyond strategic consultations, entrepreneurial game-changers wanting to scale up and accelerate growth will also value Pascal’s ability to help them select and integrate proven business systems.

A Fast-Paced Career Path with Multiple Success Stories

Pascal draws on his own long history of business achievements. He launched his first business before he graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Computer Engineering. Over the years, he has created and scaled multiple business ventures, all before the age of forty. In addition to his role as Managing Partner at Vision2Traction, Pascal is currently a Business Leadership Coach at TEC Canada.