Get Motivated

Finding your true motivation, that thing that makes you jump out of bed each morning filled with excitement to conquer the day. This is what you need to have, or need to find in order for real change to happen.

Here is a great video from Daniel Pink talking about motivation. I’ve copied a quote from his talk that you can use to inspire your goal setting.

“The good news is that the scientists who’ve been studying motivation have given us this new approach. It’s built much more around intrinsic motivation. Around the desire to do things because they matter, because we like it, they’re interesting, or part of something important. And to my mind, that new operating system for our businesses revolves around three elements: autonomy, mastery and purpose. Autonomy: the urge to direct our own lives. Mastery: the desire to get better and better at something that matters. Purpose: the yearning to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves. These are the building blocks of an entirely new operating system for our businesses.”

How do you find your motivation? Challenge yourself with these 3 questions.

  • What deep desires do you have that drive you? How can they¬†be¬†turned into positive energy?
  • You can have anything in life but you can’t have everything. What is that one thing you wish to become a master at?
  • What’s yearning deep inside you that you want to leave as your legacy? What is it that you do in the service of something larger than yourself?